EasyConnect Video - CCR - Video Conferencing Platform
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Many Pioneering Changes in the Service Industry Are Included in EasyConnect Video Solution

  • A comfortable interaction with face-to-face online banking
  • A brand new sales channel in retailing
  • Live insurance damage assessment after an accident
  • A faster access to news from the scene with live notifications
  • Face-to-face services that make the lives of the disabled people easier
  • Diagnosis by video conferencing in the health sector (tele-medicine)
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A New Era in Call Center Services Starts With EasyConnect Video

Eliminating the need to install an extra application, EasyConnect Video makes it possible to manage face-to-face communication on all PC's and mobile devices within the environment of a call center. Using the WebRTC infrastructure, EasyConnect Video automatically optimizes sound quality and video resolution.

What Is EasyConnect Video?

EasyConnect Video is a new generation “Video Conferencing” platform that supports file and screen sharing. It is 100% integrated with Genesys PureConnect and Genesys Engage.

100% integration with Genesys Engage and PureConnect products

  • Sound and video recording. Trackback from the management interface for quality check
  • Ease of ACD management in video conferencing
  • File and screen sharing, and location sharing with the mobile app
  • Face Comparison
  • Emotion Detection
  • Reporting integration without the need for extra software
  • First combined reporting, queue management, file sharing and sound and video recording solution in the industry
  • Cloud or on-premise application options
How Are Streaming Rate and Quality?
By means of the latest WebRTC infrastructure, codecs suited for bandwidth (VP8, VP9, H.264) and display resolution are set automatically. And that enables high-quality sound and video communication. Adjusting video and record quality is optional.
Is it safe?
There isn’t any breach of security due to the fact that WebRTC security standards are used, and it’s connected with HTTP and SSL.
Supported Browsers
Supported Operating Systems


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