Çağrı Merkezi Teknoloji Zirvesi Sona Erdi!

The 4th Call Center Tech Summit was once again met with great interest and huge demand, showing the importance of the role it plays in the call center industry. The summit drew great attention with prominent names of the industry attending and speaking on technological and sectoral developments.
The 4th Call Center Tech Summit was held in Adile Sultan Palace as always, and on April 19, 2018, where Call Center technologies and the future of the industry were discussed in detail, and its importance in the world market was emphasized. 13 different speakers made presentations while more than 430 attendants from 180 different companies gathered to listen to them discuss the latest news on the future of the industry.

Call Centers Association Chairman of Board of Director Metin Tarakçı gave the opening speech, emphasizing his “What We Advice the Most Is to Become a Solution Partner” message and shared the latest figures on call center industry.

After Metin Tarakçı, keynote speakers of the event, the founders of HerGünÖğren, Ozan Dağdeviren and İnanç Ayar took to the stage for their “Kiss Lots of Frogs For Creativity” presentation. As they went up there, they played a little creativity game, which resulted in the amusement of all the audience.

During the 4th Call Center Tech Summit, Genesys Strategic Solutions Director Martin Vagner emphasized in his presentation the importance of customer experience and stated that messaging applications will catch up with the vocal communication volume by 2020. He also underlined the fact that the web is by 99% ahead of the others in terms of being a communication start point and emphasized that multimodal approach will become an industry norm in the upcoming years.

With his ‘360 Degrees of Collection Management’ presentation, Vodafone Law Senior Manager Ramazan Yıldız explained the customer consumption habits. Following him, İlhan&Duman Law Office founding partner Muktedir İlhan talked about the importance of Call Center infrastructure in collection management. He also mentioned the benefits of reporting and how to make use of the infrastructure reports to improve customer experience and bring the processes to perfection.

The last presentation before the coffee break was of Adrien Lesage’s, who still works as CCO in Dial Once. During his presentation, he talked about today’s one of the most popular topics, Visual IVR and presented a live demo of what Visual IVR can do.

After the coffee break, CCR management partner Utku Deriner continued 4th Call Center Tech Summit presentations with his ‘Whatsapp, Skype and Video Conferencing on One Interface’. Then, he went on to present a live demo of PureConnect Video and drew the interest of the audience. As he presented the live demo, he also mentioned the WebRTC protocol and emphasized that it’s possible to sustain a platform-free video conference call without raising any difficulties to the end user.

Genesys Territory Manager, Enda Kesim explained the audience Genesys’ new logo and concept through a video. Genesys was one of the platinum sponsors of the event. Then she informed the audience on “Real Cloud Experience” and what cloud-based Genesys products can achieve. As she mentioned the Altocloud purchase, Kesim revealed that Genesys will include AI in customer journey.

Pindrop Regional Director Jürgen Vollmer asked the audience “Can customers be guilty?” and drew their attention with the statistics and the presentation. He also explained the importance of multi-factor authentication and why it is necessary to use it in quite a simple way.

Genesys Principal Solutions Engineer Bilge Yılmaz demonstrated a live demo of Genesys Smart Application Automation, its skills and how it enables the management of a whole system through a single interface. She also mentioned the opportunities Visual IVR offers.

“Innovation in banking is inevitable” is what Yapı Kredi Customer Relations EVP Vedat Sencer Claimed at the beginning of his presentation in the 4th Call Center Tech Summit. His presentation was on “Digital Transformation in Finance Sector”. He talked about the AI automatization of certain processes and how it will effect the use habits of banks, also sharing the latest figures with the audience.

Being one of the platinum sponsors of the event, CCR’s CEO, Türker Erkin was invited to the stage to make the closing speech this year, as he did every year. He thanked every company attending the event before he started his speech. In his presentation, he focused on the future of the industry and analyzed what question needs to be asked for project success. He also reviewed the call center IT infrastructure in the near future and emphasized the hardships of using various service providers, claiming that they will soon be reduced to a single provider. Presenting the speakers and sponsors with plaques, he officially ended the 4th Call Center Tech Summit.

After the presentations, the luncheon with the amazing Bosphorus view from Adile Sultan Palace started.

4th Call Center Tech Summit
  • 430+ Attendants
  • 180+ Companies
  • 13 Speakers
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